Blood Testing

Blood Testing – A Phlebotomy Service


Dr Stephen Hopwood is a qualified and insured Phlebotomist.

This means he is professionally able to take blood. Taking and testing blood is an excellent opportunity that not only will indicate if you are above or below normal ranges but it will also enable you to work towards optimising levels that would be preferable or in your best physiological interests.

Taking bloods from The Clinic means, in terms of legal obligations and legislation that the Arcturus Clinic apparently now needs to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in order to comply with the government’s rules and regulations. We are committed to providing excellent quality health care here at Arcturus and welcome the opportunity to improve our level of service. However this means that currently we are not able to draw blood or offer a Phlebotomy service here at The Clinic until after the CQC registration process is complete.

We are currently looking at a date of 1st July 2019 when Dr Hopwood will hopefully be able to offer a Phlebotomy service at The Clinic once the CQC application has been accepted.

Getting your blood drawn elsewhere.

We are currently recommending clients, who require blood test analysis sooner than July 2019, to ask their local G.P. Surgery’s Phlebotomy nurse to take the bloods for you or alternatively if your GP surgery is not willing or able then we would suggest you contact your local hospital who will often be able to offer a private Phlebotomy service.

Local NHS G.P. surgeries do normally have an in house Phlebotomy nurse who, more often than not, are able to privately take blood for a nominal private fee. (Normally around £20) If you are unable to book in directly with the receptionist then book in and ask your GP who will normally be supportive of this process and explain how to proceed. If this is not possible then you will need to use one of the local central hospitals in your area either Exeter, Torbay or Plymouth.

Torbay NHS Hospital. This hospital does not seem to offer private blood testing or Phlebotomy service so please contact the local Torbay Mount Stuart Private Hospital on 01803 313 881 which does.

Mount Stuart Private Hospital Torbay. This is a drop in clinic so you can arrive between 9 am and 4 pm and go to the Main Entrance, take a seat and the Phlebotomy nurse will call you in to take your bloods. You will need to take your blood test tubes with you..The Phlebotomy nurse is a nice lady called Zoe. It’s a good idea, just to make sure, to give her a call the day before you want to go and confirm a time that will work for you both. Zoe’s direct number is 01803 321605. Cost £20. From A380 – Exit onto A3022 Riviera Way. Continue until turning left at the sixth set of traffic lights. Old Woods Hill (Mount Stuart Hospital signposted). Follow to roundabout and turn right onto Barton Road.Then take second left onto St Vincent’s Road. Mount Stuart Hospital is on the left. Mount Stuart Hospital. St Vincent’s Rd, Torquay TQ1 4UP 01803 313881

Derriford NHS Hospital Plymouth. This hospital does offer private blood testing charging £18 for the Phlebotomy service. It is a drop in clinic so if you arrive between 9 am and 4 pm and go to the Main Outpatient Entrance, go to waiting room 2 and then ask for the “Blood Test Room” . Take a ticket and wait and then the Phlebotomist can draw your blood for you. You will need to take your blood test tubes with you. There is no need to call, you can just turn up. Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 8DH Tel 01752 202082.  

Plymouth Private Nuffield Hospital does not offer a Private Phlebotomy service but fortunately the Plymouth NHS Derriford hospital does offer a Phlebotomy service.

Exeter NHS Hospital Wonford. This NHS hospital does not seem to offer private blood testing so please contact the local Exeter Nuffield Private Hospital which does offer a Phlebotomy service. 

Exeter Private Nuffield Hospital.  This private hospital does offer a private Phlebotomy service. Please call up the day before you wish to go and make an appointment to see the Phlebotomy Nurse. The fee is £20. Come off the A38 at Junction 30. Take either Rydon Lane A379  or Topsham Road A 3015 to Barrack Road. Continue on Barrack Road. Drive to Wonford Road. Exeter Nuffield Hospital. Wonford Road, Exeter, EX2 4UG. 01392 276591 or 01392 249755. You will need to take your blood test tubes with you.They don’t seem to be very quick at answering the phone so please be patient ! 

Please call The Clinic on 01803 868282 for further information on how to successfully have your blood drawn locally if the above hasn’t worked for you for some reason.


Dr Hopwood began his training as a Phlebotomist by spending years as a medical student taking bloods on the hospital wards in the days when the NHS didn’t have Phlebotomy nurses and they only had medical students – who always took all of the bloods needed each day. Since then Dr Hopwood has completed two Phlebotomist certificates, one in theory and one in the practice of Phlebotomy, with the only course in the UK that has NHS approval and that is used by the NHS to train NHS Phlebotomists.

Having a broad spectrum of blood analysis provides the opportunity not only to see if important physiological markers are in or outside of the normal ranges but also an opportunity to see whereabouts in the range you are. NHS doctors are not encouraged to treat people if they are within range as they are labelled “Normal” but ranges can be large and making sure you are up the top of a range could be x10 the level of being at the bottom. (eg NHS range for B12 is 180 – 2000)

Dr Kent Holtorf MD Consultant Endocrinologist answers the question…

– What is a normal range? When Doctors say you’re normal what does that mean? – He says …“The lab will take 95% of the test results received and say those are normal. It is only the highest and lowest 2.5% of a value that is considered abnormal. So if you are the lowest 5% or 10 % you are still considered to be normal. But this doesn’t mean you are optimal. It’s like saying you got a D minus – OK great! But it doesn’t work like that. More optimal levels mean you are going to feel better. As well as doing the right tests, looking at the right parameters to diagnose and offering the right treatment, one vital key is that you want to be optimal in the range, not just normal.

The Thriva Connection.

Here at Arcturus, we can suggest comprehensive blood test analysis packages that look at some of the major blood tests commonly tested by GP’s, including a few extras that are not normally available on the NHS unless you pay privately. The results return with a stated normal range and the bloods are reviewed by a medical doctor at the THRIVA blood test laboratory who will flag up any serious or concerning results and communicate directly by email or phone with you if there is a major abnormality with your blood.

The standard complete blood test package costs 95.50 GBP which is payable directly to THRIVA blood test Company. Male and female hormone profiles are also available for a total inclusive cost of £125.. A blood draw alone costs 20 GBP. A blood draw within a client consultation is included within the price of the consultation and incurs no extra cost. Results will be emailed to you within 5-7 days. The blood test tubes will be sent to you and you will be asked to take them to the post office for posting.

The results are sent to you to be seen and then discussed at the clinic with Dr Hopwood. Time is given to consider the position of each result in its range and whether this is high or low and what may be optimal for you and what may support you, in being as well as you can.

The way forward.

Natural non-prescription vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements may be offered to respond to information found by the blood testing. Dietary, lifestyle and Acupuncture treatments may also be offered as an integrated treatment approach designed to improve and optimise your health, well-being and quality of life.

Dr Hopwood does not hold a licence to practice medicine with the GMC and all advice and recommendations must be understood to be limited & qualified advice and not to be seen as absolute.

Some of our practitioners offer a free consultation.


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