Cassie-Anne Osborne

Shiatsu Diploma from the Bristol School of Shiatsu. Somatic Movement Assistant, at the TSOEL school. BA(HONS)Choreography.

Cassie is currently completing an ITEC Sports Massage qualification.

With over 10 years experience of working with the body in creative and educational context, Cassie has a strong authentic and somatic movement practice driven by an intuitive, holistic, and dynamic approach.

Cassie began studying Shiatsu because of her interest in the repressed emotions we hold onto in our bodies that can cause physical and mental pain and blockages in life. She works to soothe and release areas of the body that need attention so that the energy can flow freely again. She enjoys creating a healing space to receive and meet clients.

Deep relaxation is important during a Shiatsu treatment and this is encouraged by touch, palpitating along meridian’s, the use of acupressure points, mobilising, stretching and rotating joints. People are often drawn to Shiatsu to discover a sense of wholeness and replenishment. A session can be restful, energising or both.

After having a successful practice in Bristol,she has since moved to Devon and is looking forward to developing her practice here.

Cassie assists the Oasis floatation tank, and offers Shiatsu on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. You can book via Arcturus Reception 01803 868282 or contact her directly 07488 958011.

Below are some reviews from previous clients:

“Having my first shiatsu treatment with Cassie was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, she works so intuitively. I have experienced multiple problems with my neck muscles over the years (due to lifting weights and stress) and every time she fixes me. I feel recharged and energised after every session. Cassie even managed to sort out my partner’s bad back. I can’t recommend her treatments highly enough”. Sophie Mack, Student, Bristol.

“The sessions I have received have been excellent. I suffered from neck pains which have been 100% resolved”.
I have also experienced an improvement in my emotions after her shiatsu treatment. I find her intuitive approach is very healing, really helping me heal and connect with deep emotions.
When I leave I feel energised and uplifted”. Annie Watson, Receptionist, Bristol.

“Cassie is very knowledgeable about the body and so intuitive. I felt held, supported, stretched, relaxed and like I had gone to a very special place while Cassie treated me. I love the energy and wisdom that shines out of this wonderful woman. Can’t wait for my next treatment on Monday”. Gemma Townsend, Mother, Bristol.

“I was expecting something more aggressive but instead her way of doing Shiatsu is a combination of pressure in some precise points but at the same time she is able to give you a total holistic relaxation.
I had my massage last Tuesday and I still feel the benefit”! Rebecca Braccialargh, Actress, Bristol.

07488 958011