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Dr Stephen Hopwood

Optimising our health and immunity has never been more important than it is right now. I want to make sure that my clients are doing all that they can to get themselves as optimally healthy as practically possible. I am confident that we are able to run a safe and effective complementary health clinic and holistic practice here at Arcturus and continue to serve our clients, in a highly constructive manner, during these very difficult times. I wish you the very best of health. Dr. Stephen Hopwood MB ChB Lic Ac MB AcC

Welcome to the Arcturus Clinic


The Arcturus Clinic is one of the oldest and most established holistic natural health centres in Totnes. The Clinic hosts a full range of experienced, qualified holistic therapists who are, licensed, registered, and insured and who can offer you excellent professional complementary medicine to support the cultivation of your optimal good health.

The Arcturus Clinic is unique in having a qualified Doctor as its clinical director – Dr. Stephen Hopwood – who has worked to bring together an integrated team of caring and professional practitioners.

The Arcturus Clinic’s specialty is in treating people with cancer to support their health and wellbeing.

We work with the “integrative principle” and are guided and inspired by the work of Professor Robert Thomas – Consultant Oncologist at Cambridge University.


The Clinic also works closely with the practices of Dr Robert Verkerk at the Alliance for Natural Health.


Dr Hopwood is now offering face-to-face consultations on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8.30 am til 6 pm. He is offering Acupuncture, Phlebotomy, and giving advice and recommendation on Nutritional Supplements. All of the other practitioners are also now back working full time in the clinic. The Clinic Reception is also open during these hours so please either book directly online (BOOKING TAB) or phone our receptionist who can book you in during these times, with Dr Hopwood or ive contact details of any of the other practitioners of your choice.


It is great to be back working in the Arcturus Clinic in the heart of Totnes. I really enjoy engaging, relating with people directly so it is a delight to see people face to face once again. We have been very busy behind the scenes in Lockdown, working with clients online, supplying supplements, building the online Clinic Shop, and also working to create a safe and compliant environment for everyone to return to work, here in the Clinic.” Dr. Stephen Hopwood.


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Dr Larisa is visiting Arcturus clinic on the 10th July 2024.and 30min appointments will be available in the afternoon.

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