Paul Morton

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology

What is it?

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology tells the client’s own story. When an illness or a problem shows up in life, it is always an expression of an inner state (a gift) that needs to be met with enthusiasm and curiosity: What needs to be communicated? What am I not seeing?

This work focuses entirely upon you, to provide the solutions to your problems.

Not from your mind, the part that thinks it knows; but from your real or true Self which actually knows.

What happens in a session?

Using Kinesiology (a muscle feedback system) Paul tests a complex hand language known as “Mudras” on the client.

These Mudras or hand positions of which there are several thousand are each a gateway in to the subconscious. In this way the client’s subconscious communicates freely about what is happening in the psyche and body without censorship from the conscious mind.

Is this for me?

You need not be ill to seek a consultation. You may wish to become acquainted with your inner stories or you need clarity in a process you are in related to work or your partner or family.

What many seek consultation for is emotionally related problems such as persistent thought and feeling patterns. These may be a result of genetic inheritance or an entity or unresolved past experiences.

This therapy embraces techniques from Shamanic practices in cases where the client calls for an initiation to open new doors inside. In some cases the angels are invited in to bring peace, blessings or acceptance in a situation.

Inner Dialogue Kinesiology goes to the core of your problem. The fact that the message from your subconscious is heard is always a big part of the solution.

Nutrition & Allergy testing

Some clients have allergies; others need to know what foods they cannot tolerate or which nutrients their body is missing or require. Paul is also a retailer of highly potent nutritional products.

Can help with

Ancestral/Family Baggage
Anger, Rage, Frustration
Confusion and Uncertainty
Creative Blocks
Drug Use/Abuse
Emotional Crises
Insomnia/Sleep Disorders
Lack of Motivation
Loss of Purpose/Direction
No Control over Life
Panic Attacks
Persistent Illnesses
Poor Self Worth
Relationship Difficulties
Repetitive Loops
Sexual Issues
Spiritual Emergency
Stuck Feelings

Also can help with

Treatments 1.5 hrs – 2 hrs, £45 – £60

(Some concessions available)



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