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The Arcturus Clinic is one of the oldest and most established natural health centres in Totnes. The Clinic hosts a full range of holistic therapists who are experienced, qualified, licensed and registered and who offer professional complementary medicine to support the cultivation of your optimal health.

The Arcturus Clinic is unique in having a qualified Doctor as it’s clinical director – Dr Stephen Hopwood – who has worked to bring together an integrated team of caring and professional practitioners.

The Clinic is located right in the centre of Totnes – 47 Fore Street – and has a light and spacious atmosphere and a comfortable reception offering complimentary refreshments. On the ground floor beneath the clinic is Mange Tout Deli – an exciting and highly acclaimed cafe bar kitchen with an on-street cafe terrace and secluded rear garden. The clinic runs out of the top two floors and is accessed either from the front through the cafe or via the garden at the rear.

Within the clinic, we have a long-standing core of practitioners of Psychotherapy, Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Cranio-Sacral Therapy, as well as an array of established holistic healers to choose from. Also within the Arcturus Clinic is the Oasis Colonic and Massage Centre – on the first floor – which offers a full range of Holistic Massage modalities and Colonic Hydrotherapy from our qualified femal.

The Arcturus Clinic’s speciality is in treating people with cancer to support their health and wellbeing.  We work with the integrative principle and are guided and inspired by the work of Professor Robert Thomas – Consultant Oncologist at Cambridge University. www.cancernet.co.uk The Clinic also works closely with the practices of Dr Robert Verkerk at the alliance for natural health. www.anhinternational.org


The cultivation of our natural health and immunity is more important now than ever before – article by Dr Stephen Hopwood.

Building health is both an art and a science. There are though a number of key issues or cornerstones that I focus on in my practice as the foundations of health. Here are my twelve health commandments for Good Health and Immunity Cultivation.

  • Optimal amounts of essential Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Optimal amounts of Essential Fatty acids (Good fats) and Essential Amino acids (Proteins)
  • Good Gut Health and Good bacterial flora. Optimal amounts required.
  • Good Liver health and Low environmental toxicity.
  • Good Red blood cell optimisation and hence optimal cell oxygenation.= Iron B12 and B9.
  • Optimal Thyroid Function. Key for circulation, vitality, metabolism and immunity.
  • Good Diet. What you eat. Low Carbohyrate, No sugar No Refined Carbs No Gluten Low toxicity diet. – Optimal amounts of Water Fresh Veg Protein Fats, and Good natural nutritional Supplements.
  • Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Coordination and Relaxation. = Physical fitness. Optimal amounts required.
  • EMF radiation exposure from WiFi, Mobile Phones, and 4g and 5g phone signals. Turn it off. Energetic health Optimisiation. Minimal amounts of EMFs required.
  • Sunlight, Fresh Air, Water Forests, Mountains and Mother Nature. Optimal amounts required.
  • Human relationships, physical contact, love, community, family, friends animals and intimacy. Optimal amounts required.
  • A spiritual understanding that we are made from something so much more than just matter alone which.is in fact an infinite source of strength, compassion and wisdom and that we are all essentially made of the exactly the same stuff. A good positive attitude.

I see imbalances in these areas manifesting as potential causes of underlying disease processes and yet they are also therefore areas of great opportunity to create better health. 

To work on oneself on each of these areas will enable a strong foundation to be made that will support the cultivation of health and wellbeing. Each of these areas of working with clients health is a complex study in it’s own right and the one to one consultation will give time to go through each aspect and ensure that the correct next steps are being taken to move things forward effectively.

To add to this list I would say it is no true mark of good health to be skillful enough to avoid disease in the midst of a profoundly sick society … so my wish is for people to build thier health so they become empowered so that we can all work together to support the manifestation of a new positive world in which we can all be healthy, prosperous and free.