B12 Update

Evolving legislation now means it is necessary to go through more diligent processes to offer B12 injections. Non-prescribing Methylcobalamin is now no longer readily available, so our only option is to offer prescription B12. Prescription-only medication (POM’s) must be prescribed and fulfilled by a pharmacist. Although we regret the difficulties navigating the administrative process will cause to you, we do actually welcome this change as it is legally compliant and transparent and increases the welfare checks for our clients.

For any B12 bookings wanted after 24th November you will need to complete an online consultation and consent form which will enable us to request a prescription from our pharmacist. YOU NEED TO DO THIS AT LEAST 10 WORKING DAYS BEFORE YOUR DESIRED APPOINTMENT DATE. The charge for the presentation is £25 and the 5 x 1mm Hydroxocobalamin is £20 – total price (including administration costs) £55. You can also purchase 10 x 1mm for a total price of £75, saving you £25. We would therefore recommend purchasing 10 vials, so you only have one prescription cost. Please note this is the cost of the prescription and Hydroxocobalamin only and includes an administration fee. The cost of the actual injection will remain at £20 for a stand-alone, 15 minute appointment, or £15 if combined with another appointment. The clinic will receive and store the unused vials and a record will be kept of how many you have remaining.

To purchase the B12 and complete the online form you will need to go to click – https://www.arcturusclinic.co.uk/product/b12-kit/

Please note the following Contraindications which will mean the Pharmacists will not be able to fulfil your prescription and so we will not be able to help you:-

Cobalt Allergy

Cobalmin and Derivative Allergies

Low Blood Potassium Levels

Leber’s Hereditary Optic Atrophy


Under 18


When you have completed the online form and paid for your B12 kit you must wait until you receive email notification from reception that your B12 order has been received in the clinic before booking your B12 injection with Dr Hopwood. This process can take up to 10 working days. This delay is in order to allow our reception team to forward your consultation and consent form to the Pharmacist who will then review your replies and issue the prescription. We then need to get the prescription fulfilled and sent to us. If you book before you receive this notification email and the appointment has to be cancelled you might be liable for a cancellation charge.

Once you have received our email you can then book your B12 appointment either through the online booking system – https://arcturus-clinic-ltd.appointedd.com/ or by calling reception on 01803 868282 or email reception@arcturusclinic.co.uk.

When the clinic has received your order you do not have to wait the 10 working days to rebook. This delay is only for initial purchase of 5 or 10 vials. However, once these have run out you will need to fill in another consultation and consent form and purchase another B12 kit and wait the required 10 working days and the email from reception.

If you have any questions please contact reception.

Yours sincerely

The Team at Arcturus Clinic