What is Bio Resonant Scanning ?

Bio resonance is more than 40 years old. It was all started by Franz Morell in 1977, a doctor who alongside his penchant for inventions, had links to Scientology. Bio Resonance is a holistic physical method that can be used diagnostically and therapeutically to balance various conditions. Bio Resonance uses the electromagnetic waves it receives from the patient. This biophysical method of treatment alters the energy field of the affected organism.

The Bio Resonance machine scans the bodies resonant frequencies, to ascertain information that searches for imbalances in the many systems of the body. 

Everything has a vibration, even your kitchen table has its very own, unique frequency! The Bio resonance machine takes a reading of these vibrational frequencies of our body. Every organ, every system, every cell…all beat to their own personal rhythm. Through attaining this information, the Bio Res machine is then able to identify slight imbalances in certain areas from the frequency reading given. Almost in the same way a mechanic will plug a car in, to take a reading of the electrical components of its system! 

With the Bio Resonance Scan, we can ask specific questions, homing in on any health concern, such as food intolerances or environmental toxins etc. 

For example, the Bio Resonance machine will scan for a magnesium deficiency. The scan will measure for the levels that have been set for optimisation within this balanced spectrum.

During a scan the client holds in their hands two brass electrodes, that gather the information of the resonance and frequency. This is then communicated back into the Bio Resonance machine where there are over 40,000 frequencies programmed, allowing a reading to be taken of the client’s current resonance and vibration. With this information we can attain a clear picture of the client’s frequency and energetic health, being alerted to any imbalances that may need support or further work. All scans are available remotely. Through using a hair sample (which is no more than three weeks old), we can attain the same information as having an in-person treatment. This allows us to serve people in any location around the world and with any mobility disabilities.

All scans are available remotely!

In some cases, we can use frequency attained from the Bio Res to balance this, however we are also given information on physical items needed to support this imbalance – for example: supplements, herbal remedies, dietary changes etc. 

Do you like to take charge of your health and wellbeing?

Having a Bio Resonance Scan is non-invasive and allows no room for bias from either the client or the practitioner conducting the scan. It is also a completely safe healing method to be used for children, pets and during pregnancy. 

It feels as though starting to empower ourselves through knowing and acknowledging our energetic body and health, is the last missing puzzle piece to holistic and preventative healing. You could say…the last layer of the onion.

Today – knowledge is power when optimising health!


Rebecca Bindon