Hypnotherapy is the application of guided trance states to explore and help change patterns of habits rooted in the subconscious, exploring any resistance to change.


Many people of all ages suffer from anxiety whether it’s through peer pressure or just stresses and strains of daily life. We work with our clients to relieve those symptoms.

Whether changing negative thought patterns after trauma or just wanting to remove negative thoughts, for example feeling low or disconnected with life then hypnotherapy can work in a positive way to help eliminate and reverse those intrusive thoughts.

Hypnotherapy has been shown to be a very effective tool for dealing with many other issues such as:

Kicking harmful habits (Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol Misuse)

Overcoming phobias

Weight loss

Exam nerves

Reinforcing Mindfulness

Exploring Past Life Regression



Cheryl Ashton

Sally Cradock