Contra-Indicators and Pre-qualifying Status for therapy




Colonic Hydrotherapy is a specialist practice which is carried out under supervision of trained practitioners.

Contra-indicators for access to this service are listed bellow:



ABSOLUTE CONTRA-INDICATIONS  The following contraindications are subject to on-going review

  • Abdominal Hernia 
  •  Autonomic Dysreflexia (occurs in spinal injuries at or above T6)
  •  Blood Thinners e.g. Warfin, Clopidogrel etc.
  •  Carcinoma of the Colon or Rectum
  •  Children under 16 years without a GP’s/medical specialist written referral and a guardian present at all times
  •  Colitis
  •  Congestive Heart Disease
  •  Diverticulitis
  •  Fistula
  •  Hirschsprung’s disease 
  •  Hypertension above 170/100
  •  Ileus (paralytic) 
  •  Active Inflammatory Bowel Disorders – Crohn’s, Colitis,  Diverticulitis and Ulcerative Colitis
  • Inflamed haemorrhoids
  • Pregnancy 
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Radiotherapy of abdominal area not discharged from medical care
  • Risk of fainting – Severe Anaemia (RBC less than 2.5 million cells/mcL) –
  • Renal Insufficiency 
  • Severe Persistent Diarrhoea
  • Long Term use of oral or injectable steroids – more thank 6 months

The following timelines given post-surgery are deliberately conservative and could be less with the written support of a Medical Specialist

  • Recent surgery of Colon or Rectum (less than 26 weeks)  
  • Recent Bowel Biopsy (Less than 12 weeks)
  • Recent Prostate Biopsy made through the bowel (less than 12 weeks) 
  • Recent Abdominal Surgery e.g. Hysterectomy (less than 26 weeks)
  • Recent Laparoscopy (less than 6 weeks)


RELATIVE CONTRA-INDICATIONS The suitability of the treatment remains specific to the individual and must be assessed by a professional Colonic Hydrotherapist

  • Anal Tear and Haemorrhoid(s) if DRE reveals potential intolerance to speculum 
  • Chemo-therapy and Cancer treatments known to cause inflammation, infections, anaemia and general weakness – CHT’s should work with the medical team
  •  Controlled Hypertension and a prescription for diuretics
  •  Debilitating Heart, Liver and Kidney diseases manifesting pain and  weakness 
  •  Diabetes – Risk of Hypoglycaemiaclient advice should be given in   preparation for treatment
  • Diverticulosis within 3 months of episode of diverticulitis 
  • Highly Anxious, stressed or emotional
  • Hypotension (less than 90/60)
  • Fissure 
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disorders in remission for a minimum of 6 months
  • Inguinal Hernia 
  • Long term Oral or Rectal Steroid – Risk of reduced bowel integrity
  • Recent (within 6 months) Hip or Knee joint surgery will need to establish mobility and if client can lie on their left side
  • Roemheld Syndrome
  • Severe Underweight or Eating Disorders
  •  Tight Sphincter

Regular Appointments are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  Arrangements can be made for Monday, Friday and Sunday as well.  Please contact you therapist for further information and booking.

All our therapists work by treating people with specific needs and concerns, but do not focus on treating specific conditions, diseases or medical disorders. 
Therapists work with people who suffer from IBS but do not aim or claim to treat, diagnose, prevent, cure or screen any western disease or medical condition. Instead optimising gut and digestive health by exclusively natural means and supporting the optimal health and physiological functioning of the person.

This list is updated regularly. For the latest version, please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD