Divine Coaching

During a Divine Coaching session Rebecca weaves a variety of modalities into your personalised session. Depending on how the session flows and what you need, she may use kinesiology, EMDR, essential oils or she may dip into the hypnotherapy toolkit. We are all so beautifully individual and at different stages in our physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual journey, that you never know how a session will take shape until that very moment.

You can expect to become clear headed, focused, and able to take responsibility for your own life and the direction in which it is heading.

You will be given your own divine ‘toolbox’ and the tools to help you work through difficult times and overwhelm with all their distressing repercussions. You will also have the tools with which you can work to bring peace and harmony to your family unit. You will have goals to work towards and challenges to meet.

If you are ready to begin your journey to authenticity and start living your best life with all the love and abundance that comes with it, then Divine Coaching is for you.


Rebecca Bindon