Jane Chen

Transformative Coach


Treatment Costs:

Consultation session (45 minutes) @ free of charge

Single session (60 minutes) pay as you go @ £118

Block of 6 sessions (60 minutes per session) payable in advance @ £588

Block of 10 sessions (60 minutes per session) payable in advance @ £818

Follow-up & recontracting session (45 minutes) @ free of charge


Payment method: Bank transfer (My bank details TBA during the contracting).


Concessionary rates:

40% Off from January to April 2024 for bookings of block of 6 sessions.


ICF/EMCC/AC Accredited Diploma of Transformative Coach by Animas Centre for Coaching


Emails: info@janechencoaching.com


Phone: (0044) 7505 701128






How the Intervention or therapy is applied

“My transformative coaching is a holistic approach that integrates mind, heart and soul to empower you in creating profound and lasting change in your lives. By addressing the cognitive, emotional and spiritual dimensions of your experience, I will guide you through a process of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. Through practices such as mindset restructuring, emotional intelligence development, and values alignment, my transformative coaching aims to unlock your inner potential, enhance self-awareness, and cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfilment. My approach emphasises the interconnectedness of your mental, emotional, relational and spiritual well-being, recognising the importance of integrating all aspects of the Self to achieve holistic transformation and sustainable change. “

My diverse clientele ranges from business professionals struggling with work-life balance, individuals dealing with major life changes, to health and well-being for all walks of life. I am welcoming clients to bring about their choices of agenda including business strategy, management skills, organisational skills, career development, health & well-being, relationship, domestic abuse, culture & diversity, meaning & purpose, emotional intelligence, and spiritual discovery etc.

Personal Information

I am an ICF/EMCC/AC Accredited Transformative Coach and Management Consultant who has dedicated 26 years to empowering and mentoring individuals in unlocking their potential and navigating through life’s transitions towards personal and professional fulfilment. My extensive working experiences in various sectors across China and UK, specialised in Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Organisational Change as well as Project Management has merged my profound understanding of human drives and motivation with an empathetic approach, aligning my Coaching Practice with tailor-made individual needs to create personalised, actionable strategies that promote growth and spirituality.

My coaching style is distinguished by my holistic focus on all aspects of life, including emotional management, relationship dynamics, career advancement, and personal values. This comprehensive approach not only enables clients to identify goals, overcome personal roadblocks, and create concrete solutions to achieve their aspirations, but also enhances their self-discovery, innate resilience, and true values. It is supportive and empowering rather than directive. I provide a non-judgemental, collaborative and confidential space that is client-led focusing on thoughts, beliefs, values, goals and challenges that seeks to evoke greater insight on multiple dimensions.

My coaching philosophy centres around strategic questioning, deep listening, authentic connection, and the belief that every individual has an inherent ability to overcome challenges and create their desired realities. My key strength as a Transformative Coach is the ability to stimulate clients’ paradigm shift towards re-evaluating their experiences from a fresh perspective, challenging limiting beliefs, and stepping into new, empowering narratives. With presence, intuition and compassion, I strive to create clarity in the midst of confusion, achieving increased self-understanding and making significant changes in their lives.