Maria Jordan

Wise Woman Coach & Midlife Midwife


Treatment Costs:
Initial Consultation 45 minutes – FREE. A chance to explore if we are a good fit to work together.
This is a transformational process, so our time together is between 2 months – 4 months (mutually agreed at the outset)
  1. Bespoke 2-month Programme – £550 in full or two payments of £275.
  2. Bespoke 4-month Programme- £1444 in full or four payments of £361.
Payment is by Bank Transfer, Stripe, or Cash.
Concessionary rates:
If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact me to discuss options.


NCIP Accredited Diploma in Performance/Life Coaching with NLP – 2016 Simply Changing Coaching Academy 

1 year training in Soul-Based Coaching – Academy of Soul-Based Coaching 2020/21 

Reiki Master Practitioner (Usui Reiki) – 2014 

Diploma In Careers Guidance – University of West of England 2001  

Preferred method of contact and details: (Email, phone number)
Book a free Call:
Telephone:                 07985938678


What is it?
I help women in midlife and beyond to remember who they were before the world told them who they needed to be.
The time around Perimenopause & Menopause is often a big transition for women and a catalyst for re-evaluating life.
You may find yourself questioning:
Who am I?
What am I meant to be doing with my life?
Is this it?
This sense of losing your identity has been unfolding for years. There comes a point where the calling for change is so loud you can no longer ignore it. Consider this to be your wake-up call!
The catalyst for reaching this point could be.
  • A relationship breakdown
  • Navigating perimenopause/menopause
  • Empty nesting
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Losing a job or career
It’s a time when the ways in which you’ve identified yourself are falling away and it can feel as if life is unravelling.
There is so much wisdom and potential for growth here, if you are willing and able to access and tap into your deep soul knowing. To release self-sacrifice, self-criticism and invite in confidence and self-compassion.
I offer a safe, sacred space to guide you through your journey from Lost to Found, so you remember the woman you once were AND discover the woman you are becoming.
This is a Sacred journey – one that will take you from your head to your heart, and your soul. In this space lie the answers to who you really are, why you are here and SO much more.
Here, you can safely express your deepest wants, needs and desires and open to what’s possible, whilst uncovering the aligned choices for what’s next for you.
Nothing changes on the outside of your life until it first changes on the inside. Powerful, sustainable change starts from within because this is where our human capacity for healing and growth comes from.
The journey will be a gentle unfolding and a potent rebirthing of YOU. One where you emerge with a powerful sense of who you are. Where you have clarity, confidence and feel inspired and excited for what’s next. And, best of all, you learn to love the woman you’ve become.
There are 2 Sacred Soul Journeys to choose from depending on your needs. We will explore this in detail in your free Consultation Call.
  1. The Whispers of Your Soul – 8 weeks
  2. Coming Home to You – 16 weeks
These are a fusion of weekly Soul-Based Coaching sessions of 60 minutes each, personalised Journaling prompts and Meditations for use in between sessions; alongside other resources and my ongoing support throughout.
Personal Bio:
In my forties, menopausal and having experienced my marriage breakdown, bereavement and children leaving home, I was completely lost.
After seeking support and healing, I finally found me again and without sounding too corny, it felt like I’d been reborn! In the words of Lalah Delia
She remembered who she was, and the game changed.”
Inspired to take a new direction in life, in 2016 I trained as a Coach so I could support other women through the BIG transitions in life. Let’s be honest, things can get a bit interesting around menopause!
In 2020/21 a year-long training in Soul-based Coaching gave me the perfect toolkit of resources to fully support and guide women through their inner landscape from Lost to Found.
Having spent years looking in all the wrong places for the answers, I guide you to access your soul wisdom and answers in a short space of time.
As someone who has walked this path, I will be alongside to support you as you navigate your way to find your true power within and come home to who you really are.
Intuitive, introverted and a sensitive soul, I’m a Gemini and eternal student of life.
My Core Values are Integrity, Authenticity and Love and if we work together, we will be sure to get clear on what your Core Values are. They are fundamental to you living your best life.