Natalie Maddrell

EFT & TFT Master Practitioner, Thermography Infrared Imaging


Treatment Costs:

Treatment Costs and time length of session for 1st and subsequent ones as well as payment methods you accept: EFT sessions from £25

Thermography imaging from £50

Concessionary rates?: Donation sessions available on requestcom


EFT TFT Master Practitioner

Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner

BA Hons Psycology and Health





Telephone:             07534808796 





How the Intervention or therapy is applied

Emotional Freedom Technique is a gentle yet effective treatment used to help release symptoms of stress and trauma, including pain, fears, phobias, anxiety, depression, PTSD, combining the use of Thermography imaging to track progress of treatments as a biofeedback toolof

Thermography imaging is a special infrared camera used to detect subtle temperature patterns of the surface area of the body, an increase in temperature for example, can indicate inflammation in the body

Thermography can be used as a stand alone progress tracking biofeedback tool or in combination with my studies with Lifestyle University in Root Cause Analysis where we can analyse images and look to understand potential Root Cause of imbalance, did-ease and symptoms in the body

Personal Information

I have studied natural health for over 25 years where I have gained many varying qualifications, I have been qualified and practicing Emotional Freedom Technique for over 10 years and recently qualified as a Master Practitioner

I am passionate about our innate ability to heal, mind, body and soul given the best support and guidance

I aim to support your journey and guide you to enable your body to heal and live in optimal health and wellness