One to One Yoga


One to one therapeutic yoga, Pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga and baby massage instruction.


Therapeutic yoga one to one sessions


This session builds up a personalised yoga practice developed to suit your individual needs, suitable for beginners through to the more advanced practitioners.

Therapeutic yoga – a balanced approach to mobility and strength comprising of gentle Joint Freeing exercises working systematically through the body, Ayurvedic Vinyasas which are flowing sequences working with the subtle energies within, Breath awareness, increasing Prana and Relaxation to deepen our self awareness.

This is a synthesis of yoga practices from Integral yoga tradition, Structural and Ayurvedic yoga therapy and Energy freeing practices integrated through years of training and experience.

These practices improve our vitality in body, breath & mind, to increase overall wellbeing, deepening awareness of body, mind and spirit, increasing the depth and subtlety in our practice to guide us to our true nature of serenity, radiance and bliss within.


Pregnancy yoga one to one sessions


These sessions focus on specific stretches and exercises to benefit the pregnant mother and baby within. Incorporating prenatal yoga postures and sequences perfect for relaxing and opening the body in pregnancy and labour.

Including birth positions, breathe techniques along with pelvic floor awareness. Learn supportive and strengthening practices along with deep relaxation.

 A wonderful experience helping to manage and alleviate Pre-natal symptoms/discomfort, aid labour and promote health and wellbeing.


Mum and baby yoga one to one sessions


Combine postnatal strengthening for mum, hip and shoulder opening practices, lifts, carries and holds for baby. There are fun interactive exercises for both.

The sessions will include plenty of time for feeding, changing, breathing and relaxation.

The class can boost energy, relieve stress and anxiety. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep, helping healing after labour and childbirth, to manage the physical stresses of motherhood and relieve common ailments e.g. back pain, shoulder, breast and neck ache.


Baby massage instruction – individual sessions


Includes the practice of techniques of full body baby massage to improve circulatory, digestive and respiratory function.

Some gentle stretches will be included to encourage opening of the body and comfort for both mum and baby.

Baby massage can aid babies sleep, relaxation and general wellbeing, as well as providing a relaxing and beneficial bonding experience for both mums and babies together.






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