Petra Unger-Mielke



Treatment Costs:

First session (1 ½ to 2 hours, including patient assessment): £95

Subsequent sessions (1 hour): £80

Cash or Card accepted for payment.

Concessionary rates:

Course of five sessions (for already assessed patients): £325


Heilpraktiker (“healing practitioner”), recognized as an alternative and complementary health care profession with a licence governed by German Health law.


Phone (preferred, please text and I am happy to call back): 07453 253902






How the Intervention or therapy is applied

I offer Colon-Hydrotherapy, which is the gentle internal cleansing of the large intestine with warm and cold water, applied via a small plastic tube inserted into the rectum. A herbal infusion is added to the water as appropriate. The cleaning action is supported via a gentle massage of the abdomen, optionally with the application of essential oils.

Personal Information

Originally trained in economics and accounting, I came to healing fifteen years ago, after the birth of my children, first practicing just as a mother until I decided to become a qualified healer, which I started training for in 2015. I got my licence as a Heilpraktiker (German qualification as an alternative healing practitioner) in 2018 and eventually set up a practice in Germany, while also training and working as a paramedic. I came to Devon with my family at the beginning of 2022 and started working as a Colon-Hydrotherapist with Arcturus Clinic in September 2023.