Practice Disclaimer


Below are details of our disclaimer.  Please feel free to contact the clinic if you have any further questions or querries.


Here at The Arcturus Clinic, we as practitioners, work within the principles of traditional Chinese medical theory

We do not make any conventional diagnosis of any Western Allopathic disease or disorders

We only categorise signs and symptoms and make a physical assessment of people by working within
the principles and practices of a holistic and nutritional perspective and approach

We do not seek to arrive at, make, or offer any diagnosis of any western medical disease disorder or injury.
Clients sign a consent form stating that they understand that we do not offer diagnosis, screening, treatment, cure or prevention
of any disease or disorder and that all advice is qualified advice, that is limited and not absolute.

All clients are informed that we do not practice western medicine and that they must take any information obtained
or suggestion made of supplementation to their GP for any medical diagnosis and medical opinion
from their NHS registered medical practitioner.


None of the holistic practitioners in the Arcturus clinic offer treatment for any conventionally diagnosed disease.
We make an assessment based on an array of holistic criteria and offer specific support for clients’ general health,
physical body and mental and emotional well-being.