Practice Guidelines

 Our Current Guidelines are always being updated.  Please check this section to confirm.


Attending The Clinic

There is a five-stage online booking process required as a prerequisite for every client which needs to be completed before attending and receiving any treatment at the clinic from any of the practitioners. This process is to comply with the guidelines and conform to the safety issues now required.

1. Please book online or directly with your individual practitioner in person.

2. Please receive, read, and understand your practitioner’s email communication.

3. Please sign and return your two “Consent and Triage” forms by email to your practitioner at least 48 hours before your appointment.

4. Once your practitioner has received your  “Consent and Triage” forms you will receive a “Final Confirmation” email which will then allow you to attend your appointment.

5. Please attend the clinic with a new awareness of increased respect for each other’s space and respect for our health and hygiene principles and practices. Please see PDF at foot of the page.

You can call The Arcturus Clinic on the telephone between 9 – 5 pm on 01803 868282 on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. A receptionist will answer your enquiries, book you an appointment directly and post out supplements. Video consultations are also available via Skype, Zoom.  Please send contact requests to … Skype / Zoom address dr.stephenhopwood.  If you don’t “Do” Skype then you can call this landline number … 01158 881 298 when it is time for your online appointment.

Apologies, but Dr. Hopwood does not offer email consultations or telephone consultations, although email is a good way to make an initial enquiry and to send information to support and prepare for your consultation. To email please use and you will normally receive a response within 48 hours.

Any supplements that you wish to purchase can be collected during your appointment. Should you wish to solely purchase supplements this is currently possible in person at the clinic without an appointment but can also easily be done online from the ClinicShop.

Face to Face Consultation

To book a “Face to Face” consultation at the Arcturus Clinic or an online “Live – Stream Video Consultation” with Dr. Stephen Hopwood please use the “Booking” button on the right-hand side of your screen and find a time that works for you. Face to face consultations are available with Dr. Stephen Hopwood on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 8.30 am and 6 pm

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“I know that I am speaking for everyone who works at Arcturus in saying that we are all very glad that the current restrictions have been lifted and that for now, we can all return to the natural way in which have been used to working with each other and our clients at the Clinic.”

There are many valid and often unseen reasons for exemption from wearing face coverings and we have empathy with the many common exemptions that regularly apply. We will aim not to discriminate against any client for any reason and so we will not enquire into the nature of any hidden disability enabling exemption or question in any way any client who chooses not to wear a face covering. Clients will not need to provide any documentary evidence for their exemption as this is also not required by law.

Thank you for your patience and for your kind understanding of the need to comply with all these apparently necessary but slightly frustrating guidelines. We nevertheless look forward to seeing you soon and getting back to the old normal.

I wish you the very best of health.

Dr Stephen Hopwood – Arcturus Clinic Director.