Adam Shanagher

BA (Hons), Certs. Vortex Healing, M-Energy Healing, Reiki, Thai Massage, ITEC Dip. Hol.Massage. Full member of CTA (Complementary Therapists Association)

What Adam offers in this work is truly remarkable healing – it is an invitation for us to step fully into our power, live our highest potential, and through transforming our old limiting patterns and beliefs, manifest the life we truly want.

Adam has worked with the body and the human energy system for over ten years, and has extensive training across a wide range of modalities, including VortexHealing, M-Energy Healing, and Reiki, as well various schools of bodywork.  His sessions blend these various approaches together to enable him to treat each person, and their presenting condition, in an individually tailored and holistic way.  This approach, along with his natural and intuitive sense of what’s needed in each moment, allows for a deeper and more authentic transformation to naturally unfold within each session.

Treatments with Adam tend to be both relaxing and deeply transformative. He is a natural healer, a gifted psychic, and his passion for what he does flows naturally into his practice.  What always strikes people when they first meet Adam is the feeling of an open, compassionate heart, resting naturally within the stillness of a clear and grounded presence. The sense is one of being met fully, totally and without judgment.  For a more in-depth and detailed description as to how Adam works, have a look at the Transformational Healing section on his website.

As well as helping people to transform what is holding them back from living life in the way they would like to, the intention alive within all of Adam’s work is to also support people in awakening to their deeper essence, helping them to rest more deeply in this natural place of peace and ease.