Beth Coombes

Voice Work ~ Vortex Healing ~ Coaching

BA (Hons), IICT accredited Thrivecraft Coaching, Certs. Vortex Healing, Music Leading

Beth works creatively with a range of modalities, bringing to her work a wealth of life experience, playfulness, intuitive awareness and understanding.

Transformation and empowerment is at the heart of this practice.

Voice Work

Voice Work explores and develops the power of the voice for speaking, singing or sound healing. Working with movement, breathing, vocal techniques and improvisation, Beth provides essential tools and practices to support you in rediscovering and developing your natural voice. One to one sessions can really help you take giant leaps in your vocal confidence.

Beth is an excellent music and voice coach. She also performs regularly as a musician, runs a choir and directs a well-known youth music organisation.


Discover self-empowerment within your life, work and relationships. Refine, map and achieve your goals and reach your full potential. This is what coaching can offer you.

With her creativity and insightful experience of life Beth brings a dynamic quality to her coaching practice. Coaching provides the opportunity for you to receive the attention you need to bring yourself more and what matters most to the forefront of your life. Are you willing to engage more creatively in your life than ever before?

Individual breakthrough sessions lasting 60 minutes have a positive impact.
For a deeper commitment to your goals, 3, 6 or 12-month programmes are available. Each programme is fully tailored to suit you. Sessions are by phone, Skype, or in person.

Vortex Healing

This is a powerful hands-on healing art that channels energy and consciousness to facilitate deep and effective healing. The healing goes to where it is most needed, working both subtly and powerfully on all levels of the body and energy system. This makes Vortex Healing suitable for anyone who is willing to open to a greater potential of self-awareness, energetic sensitivity and self-empowerment. Beth provides a clear and lovingly held space for you to experience the magic of this healing art.