Christopher Hill


Souls Journey Process

As a practitioner, I draw on homeopathic case-taking and prescribing, muscle testing, intuitive and energetic healing, and the Eighteen Stages of Awakening as tools to help you explore:

  • Your own path to healing  
  • Your soul’s purpose in this lifetime 
  • The nature of the spiritual path and of your true Self

The  Soul’s Journey Process is an entirely new system of healing and spiritual development. The process is based around eighteen archetypal stages of awakening to the true Self within – your own divine nature.

Using these stages as our compass – and drawing on a wide range of healing tools and techniques – we connect you to a profound source of wisdom: your own higher self. This wisdom informs and directs the healing work we do together, allowing us to explore your own soul’s journey as it unfolds, step by step.

About me

I first became interested in the spiritual path while studying comparative religion at university. I quickly realised that at the heart of all great spiritual traditions is the same path – the road that leads us to know ourselves for who we are – infinite consciousness and awareness.

I have studied with many spiritual teachers, including Sri Kaleshwar in India, and have devoted my work as a healer to helping people realise the divine spark within themselves.

I have more than ten years experience as a homeopath, and am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths. Though I no longer practice classical homeopathy, my homeopathic understanding directs and inspires my work with the Soul’s Journey.

My philosophy

For me, healing is a deeply personal and transformative journey: dynamic, flowing and full of energy. As a healer, my work places people in direct contact with their higher self and its wisdom, and with those substances in nature that speak to them and their experience of illness or suffering.

I believe true healing can only arise when we look at the whole picture: not simply mind, body and emotions, but soul; not just symptoms but the deeper causes of illness or imbalance.

Who do I work with?

I work with people with all kinds of life experiences, backgrounds, stories and symptoms. Sometimes issues are physical, such as a period of prolonged illness, stress, or conditions that have failed to respond to conventional treatment. Other times, the focus could be emotional, such as a bereavement, loss of a job, or some other major life change or upheaval.

Frequently, the focus is spiritual, for example, a yearning to connect with ourselves on a deeper level, or to explore our soul’s path and true purpose.


“I’m very thankful for experiencing the Soul’s Journey. I felt very unhappy when I first started the process, and now that feels so far away. I feel I am a new person with a much better view on life. Christopher is fantastic at his work and I will be forever grateful… The Soul’s Journey has changed my life and made me feel more comfortable in my skin.”

“Christopher is an amazing practitioner. His extensive and deep homeopathic understanding and Soul’s Journey map are so powerful.”