Dominic Speirs

Live Blood Analysis

My name is Dominic Speirs and I look forward to assisting you in the process of taking your health to a higher level. I have had a keen interest in nutrition and alternative healing since 1999, and specialized in nutritional blood analysis in 2004. Since training in 2004 I have helped many people to improve their health by addressing imbalances in the blood.

Live blood analysis: This Involves looking at blood under a powerful microscope to gain information about the health of the body. It is a very helpful and motivating tool because it can show the current appearance of the blood and then improvements can be monitored as a person’s health progresses.

It allows me look at the relative health and quantity of the red and white blood cells (and what type of white cells are present), the fluid (plasma) that the cells bathe in along with potential presence of organisms such as bacteria and candida. I can also look for markers which relate to organ stress (liver, kidney, digestion, reproductive), bone health, endocrine (hormone) system, heavy metals, parasites, nutrient deficiency, injuries, allergies and more. Without knowing a person’s history, it is normally possible to guess what their symptoms are and what sort of diet they eat, all from 2 small drops of blood taken (painlessly) from a fingertip. Problems show up in the blood, sometimes years before they manifest as symptoms and so many people use this test to monitor and prevent any future problems. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.