Dr. Stephen Hopwood MB ChB Lic Ac MB AcC

Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist,
Phlebotomist and Holistic Naturopathic Practitioner

Treatment Costs and time:

£POA per session.


British Acupuncture Council (MBAcC)
Batchelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery at Bristol University
Theory and Dry Lab Phlebotomy

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          Telephone:        01803 868282


Your Appointments

Your consultation with Dr. Hopwood will last for about 40 minutes followed by 20 – 40 mins of Acupuncture. Dr. Hopwood values the traditional practitioner / client relationship and offers ample time to discuss the ways in which your general health and lifestyle relate to a specific problem.

Dr Hopwood will take a detailed Holistic / Chinese medical history, check your pulse, and observe your tongue. He will want to know how you work, eat, sleep, exercise and relax. This information will support a clear traditional Chinese and holistic diagnosis which will enable him to offer a comprehensive programme of support.

Your acupuncture session will take place in a warm, comfortable, private treatment room and you will always remain clothed throughout. The treatment will use acupuncture points mainly on your lower arms and legs and abdomen and uses new very fine stainless steel needles that are disposed of after use. You will be relaxing with the Acupuncture treatment for between 20 and 40 minutes, during which time most people report feeling relaxed, centered and revitalised.

“The cultivation of our natural health and immunity is more important now than ever before.”– article by Dr Stephen Hopwood.

Building health is both an art and a science. There are though a number of key issues or cornerstones that I focus on in my practice as the foundations of health.

Here are my twelve health commandments for Good Health and Immunity Cultivation.

  • Optimal amounts of essential Vitamins and Minerals.

  • Optimal amounts of Essential Fatty acids (Good fats) and Essential Amino acids (Proteins)

  • Good Gut Health and Good bacterial flora. Optimal amounts required.

  • Good Liver health and Low environmental toxicity.

  • Good Red blood cell optimisation and hence optimal cell oxygenation.= Iron B12 and B9.

  • Optimal Thyroid Function. Key for circulation, vitality, metabolism and immunity.

  • Good Diet. What you eat. Low Carbohydrate,low sugar low Refined Carbs, low Glutenand a generally low toxicity diet. – Optimal amounts of Water Fresh Veg Protein Fats.

  • Strength, Stamina, Flexibility, Coordination and Relaxation. = Physical fitness. Optimal amounts required.

  • EMF radiation exposure from WiFi, Mobile Phones, and 4g and 5g phone signals. Turn it off. Energetic Health Optimisiation is a key factor in modern health awareness.

  • Sunlight, Fresh Air, Water, Forests, Mountains and Mother Nature.

  • Human relationships, physical contact, love, community, family, friends animals and intimacy.

  • A spiritual understanding that we are made from something so much more than just matter alone which is an infinite source of vitality, compassion and wisdom. A good positive attitude is required in optimal amounts.

I see imbalances in these areas manifesting as potential causes of underlying disease processes and yet they are also, therefore, areas of great opportunity to create better health.

Working on oneself on each of these areas will enable a strong foundation to be made that will support the cultivation of health and wellbeing. Each of these areas of working with clients’ health is a complex study in it’s own right and the one to one consultation will give time to go through each aspect and ensure that the correct next steps are being taken to move things forward effectively.

To add to this list I would say it is no true mark of good health to be skillful enough to avoid disease in the midst of a profoundly sick society … so my wish is for people to build their health so they become empowered so that we can all work together to support the manifestation of a new positive world in which we can all be healthy, prosperous and free from excessive state control.


Health principles and practices.

Our bodies have an inherent ability to heal themselves, constantly regenerating, regulating, and rebuilding our health. Holistic Medicine understands these principles and naturally supports our body in its capacity to rejuvenate, addressing both the symptoms and endeavoring to respond to the reality of the underlying causes of disease with the aim to re-establish homeostasis.

Over 30 years of clinical experience of working in this way has shown Dr. Hopwood that holistic medicine has a real ability to build the foundations for vitality and genuine wellbeing. By physically fortifying the body’s own natural healing functions, a real opportunity is provided for symptoms to resolve and for sustainable optimal health to be achieved. The practice of Acupuncture and the holistic view of Traditional Chinese Medical theory has been practiced for over 3,000 years and is a highly evolved system of diagnosis and holistic treatment.

Modern science is now confirming the existence of electrical/energy pathways in the body that relate to our internal organs, emotional states and physical health. Acupuncture works by regulating these electrical pathways, balancing energy, clearing blockages, and cultivating our body’s own natural healing reserves of Qi / Energy.

Holistic Integrated Medicine for Optimal Health

Modern Holistic science now has a clear knowledge of the physiological needs of the body and what is required for optimal health. Through observing the health of different cultures, their diets, and their mineral and vitamin intake and through research, it is now understood how to strengthen people’s health effectively.  Please see Dr. Robert Verkerk at https://anhinternational.org/

Dr. Hopwood will explain these natural health cultivation principles and show you how to put simple solutions into practice in your daily life. Using, for example, an alkalising/de-tox programme and regular health monitoring, you will be supported in the building of a stronger foundation for your long term optimal health.


As a holistic practitioner and an Acupuncturist, I use the principles of Traditional Chinese medical theory to work in a traditionally holistic way. I do not make any conventional diagnosis of any Western medical allopathic diseases or disorders. I only categorise signs and symptoms and make a physical assessment of people by working within the principles and practices of a holistic and nutritional perspective and approach. I do not seek to arrive at, make, or offer any diagnosis of any western medical disease disorder or injury. Clients sign a consent form stating that they understand that I do not offer diagnosis, screening, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease or disorder and that all advice is qualified advice that is limited and not absolute. All clients are informed that I do not practice western medicine and that they must take any information obtained or suggestion made of supplementation to their GP for any medical diagnosis and medical opinion from their NHS registered medical practitioner. Any suggestion made to clients in terms of either exercising the physical body or supporting the body through taking a natural nutritional substance is based on some degree of physical observation and logical analysis of information obtained from the client which validates the action in holistic terms. This is not the same as making a clinical diagnosis of a disease or condition but rather a process of elucidating and discriminating via holistic principles how best to support health and wellness.

Dr Hopwood no longer works as a conventional western medical doctor and is currently not registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). In accordance with the law, GDPR and patient confidentiality, Dr Hopwood does not have up to date access to clients complete medical records and therefore that all suggestions, advice or recommendations that are given must be regarded as qualified advice or recommendation, that is inherently limited, based on incomplete information and not to be regarded as absolute or as definitive. It is the client’s responsibility to inform their own NHS GP of any test results or nutritional supplements suggested and to seek their medical opinion on these complementary issues.