Laura Bull


Homeopathy is a safe and powerful form of natural medicine that stimulates your body’s self-healing ability. Homeopathy affects many layers: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Consider Homeopathy when you want a non-toxic treatment or your test results were normal but you still feel unwell, when you want other treatment alongside conventional treatment or if you want a holistic, whole person therapy, bringing harmony to mind body and spirit.

Laura is passionate about helping people understand why they are ill, what life event or emotional state has depleted the physical or mental body enough to cause dis-ease. Homeopathic medicines act as a catalyst to release and energise, restoring balance and bringing a new level of health and awareness.

Laura is an experienced Homeopath offering a safe and relaxed space for you to discuss your symptoms. Laura has completed a 4 year professional Licentiate and alongside a busy private practice, spent 5 years working for a world renowned Homeopathic Pharmacy, making and prescribing homeopathic remedies and essences. She has treated a wide range of physical and emotional conditions in adults, children and babies.

Aware of the spirit realms since a child, Laura has studied meditation, healing and spiritual development since a teenager and runs meditation groups and workshops including ‘Awakening your Light Body’, a life changing course of transformation and growth.