Sandra Pepper


Sandra is a Subtle Energy Medicine Practitioner, qualifying from the Vibrational Healing Foundation in 2006 and is a member of The Federation of Subtle Energy Medicine.

This form of healing focuses on the bio-magnetic field around the physical body, also known as the ‘aura’, which consists of many layers which contain a number of further energy systems. This field relates to all our life experiences, including our health, our emotional, mental, and spiritual makeup. Using nature’s tools such as crystals, flowers, colour, and sound, Sandra works to restore the balance of these subtle energy systems.

Sandra’s qualifications include: Diploma in Subtle Energy Medicine, Post Graduate Diploma, and Teacher Training in Subtle Energy Medicine.

Sandra is now in the process of becoming a Subtle Energy Medicine Specialist. This training entails profound inner development, working on more advanced levels within the bio- magnetic field. She is also a first year course tutor for the Vibrational Healing Foundation.

Sandra has a passion for crystals and sharing esoteric knowledge. She offers:

Crystal Healing – Energy Healing – Stress Healing – Crystal Meditation Evenings – Personal Development Groups

Sandra Pepper  – 01364 642333