Uma Yogini Oliver

Holistic Therapy Diploma, AOR, ITEC, IIHHT, VAI, IHBC, IYTA, REP, FHT

Holistic Body Worker / Structural & Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist

Uma is a professional and highly qualified Holistic Body worker as well as a Structural and Ayurvedic yoga therapist. Uma has been training and working in the field of health & wellbeing for 25yrs, beginning with care work experience, nurse training, and after sustained travels in Asia, studying holistic and yoga therapies intensively for 3 years. Uma has continued with ongoing courses, studies and practice, is now settled in South Devon working from her therapy space at home as well as her mobile clinic and is feeling blessed to be now working  with the wonderful team at Arcturus clinic.

Holistic treatments available with Uma include : Therapeutic massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian head massage, Pregnancy massage, Thermal Auricular therapy (Hopi ear candles), Reiki healing, Baby massage, Structural & Ayurvedic Yoga therapy, Pre & postnatal Yoga, Womb Yoga, Early Years Yoga, Family Yoga, Children’s Yoga.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE – A full body treatment with oils treating sensitively but deeply to relax, release and ease tension from the whole body. It is a truly holistic treat for body, mind and spirit leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

“I was taken into a deep luscious flow and came out glowing”

INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE – For back, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, scalp and face, deeply relaxing and stress releasing, perfect for those problem areas

REFLEXOLOGY – A therapeutic treatment on the feet for the whole body, using pressure technique to stimulate specific points on the feet that correspond to individual organs or body parts.  It provides a  great tone up for all the organs and systems of the body. It can be both relaxing and rejuvenating, encouraging health and wellbeing within.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE – These treatments are specifically aimed towards the benefit of the pregnant women, relieving aches and pains, encouraging relaxation and wellbeing for mum and baby. It aids circulation, reducing oedema and cramps, helps regulate the digestive system, relieves sciatica, pelvis and lower back pain. Massage can help reduce stress and anxiety and encourages connection to baby within.

BABY MASSAGE INSTRUCTION/CLASSES – includes the practice of techniques of full body baby massage to improve circulatory, digestive and respiratory function. Some gentle stretches will be included to encourage opening of the body and comfort for both mum and baby. Massage can aid babies sleep, relaxation and general wellbeing, as well as providing a relaxing and beneficial bonding experience for both mums and babies together.

PREGNANCY YOGA CLASSES – Focus on specific stretches and exercises to benefit the pregnant mother and baby within. Incorporating prenatal yoga postures and sequences perfect for relaxing and opening the body in pregnancy and labour. Including birth positions, breathe techniques along with pelvic floor awareness. Learn supportive and strengthening practices along with deep relaxation. A wonderful experience helping to manage and alleviate Pre-natal symptoms/discomfort, aid labour and promote health and wellbeing.

MUM AND BABY YOGA CLASSES – combine postnatal strengthening for mum, hip and shoulder opening practices, lifts, carries and holds for baby. There are fun interactive exercises for both. The sessions will include plenty of time for feeding, changing, breathing and relaxation. The class can boost energy, relieve stress and anxiety. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep, helping healing after labour and childbirth, to manage the physical stresses of motherhood and relieve common ailments e.g. back pain, shoulder, breast and neck ache.

Uma has continued with an ongoing commitment to professional development and study within her bodywork and yoga modalities throughout her career due to her love of this work, and continued delight in the benefits it can bring to all. Uma is a Member of the Integral Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA), the Representatives of Exercise Professionals (REP’s) and the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and is fully certified and insured.

” I’ve just had the best massage i can remember having, from my toes to my scalp my body feels balanced and energised as well as de-stressed” ~ Jacqueline

Therapies Offered


Therapeutic Massage

One to One Yoga

Thermo Auricular Therapy

Indian Head Massage


Pregnancy Massage

Baby Massage

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