Vic Jenkins

CKRP, KF Assoc

Creative Kinesiology

Creative Kinesiology sessions with me offer you the opportunity to connect with your body’s innate wisdom and talk to your being on every level about what it needs to feel more balanced, healthy and full of vitality.  Through muscle-testing, we explore issue and challenges, witness imbalances held energetically in your body,  and find new ways of looking at your ‘story’ – your life experiences, patterns of behaviour, or the beliefs that can obscure your true self and soul’s potential.

Over the years, I’ve studied energy work, bodywork and homeopathy, but with Creative Kinesiology I found my true home as a practitioner. Its blend of energy work, deep listening and holding, and exploration of self deeply resonates with my way of being in the world, my intuitive sense of people’s energy and story, and my innate ability to hold a safe space for others’ healing. I began my studies with the School of Creative Kinesiology in 2013, finishing my professional training course in 2015. Recently, I’ve completed over 200 clinical sessions and a wide range of additional training to gain my Registered Practitioner status with the Creative Kinesiology Association. After  three years building a flourishing practice in North Devon, I am now extending my offer of Creative Kinesiology to clients in South Devon too.

In sessions, I work co-creatively with you, enabling you to fully engage with your own healing process. I journey alongside you as you explore your life story and path forward. I offer a safe and supportive space – somewhere without judgement or expectations – where we can gently witness whatever needs to be seen. I love how Creative Kinesiology offers a way to speak with all levels of our being, tapping into the unique wisdom of our higher self and accessing a far broader perspective of where we are and what we need in our life. The depth that it brings to the healing process continues to amaze me even after several years of practice.

My clients bring a wide spectrum of issues and life challenges for us to work with in our sessions. They have found Creative Kinesiology supportive in periods of stress or profound change (such as shifts in relationships, unemployment, major transitions in life, current or recent medical treatment).  Many use our sessions to explore their sense of self  – uncovering blocks and barriers, integrating aspects of themselves they may find challenging, or finding a balanced path forwards in their life. With others, we have worked towards finding peace and resolution around the experience of trauma – supporting clients to recover balance and their sense of self after experiences of abuse, bereavement,  and life threatening illness.

Above all, clients say their work with me in their Creative Kinesiology sessions brings them balance and grounding, a reconnection with their true self, and a renewed sense of wholeness – energetically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

“Vic has a gift of intuition and can gently use this to further enquiry and find appropriate treatments to restore balance and energy. She not only listened to the words that I was saying but understood the feelings and emotions that I was trying to express. I felt at ease in her company and completely safe and unjudged – essential for an effective trusted therapeutic relationship.”

“Vic has turned out to be a crucial part of my recovery so far. She is a very calming person to be around and always offers me support and gives me some clarity on what I am feeling. Today was a typical example – I have come away feeling more secure with my emotions because of what we talked about. I feel so comfortable with Vic, I could tell her anything and I know she wouldn’t judge me. Now my medical treatment has finished it’s the psychological fight that I am facing and I feel Vic is there for me every step of the way.