Detox Trading Organic Vitality Greens 125g




A super green blend with the full spectrum of minerals including potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, selenium, iron, phosphorus and copper. Vitality Super Green Blend is also rich in vitamins, containing vitamins A, C, E, K and B vitamins, 1, 2, 5, 6 and 12. Along with all these nutrients, this blend is a fantastic source of antioxidants, omega 3, dietary fibre and plant-based protein.

Soil AssociationCountries of Origin:
China, Europe, Peru and New Zealand

At Detox Trading we have a growing range of bespoke blends and this vitality super green blend has been one of, if not the most popular of the range. Apart from the incredible spectrum of nutrients you get from the all-organic ingredients, there’s also the convenience of the components being perfectly proportioned so you get the right amount per dose.

As a precautionary note, it’s worth paying attention to the amount you take as some of the ingredients can be quite detoxing. For example, taking too much chlorella (the smallest component of this blend) can trigger a detox in the body, this is nothing to be concerned with but possible symptoms can be loose bowels or rash.

Other nutrient-dense products are Blue Green Algae and Shilajit.

Suggested use of vitality super green blend:

Start with 1 teaspoon per day and slowly work up to 2-3 teaspoons.

Ingredients – Organic spirulina powder, organic moringa powder, organic maca powder, organic wheatgrass, organic barley grass, organic chlorella powder.