Probio Daily 30 VCaps Probiotic


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    • Supports gut health with hardy “spore” form bacteria
    • Combined with FOS – a fuel source for “friendly” bacteria
    • Dairy free
    • No need for refrigeration
    • Can be taken after illness or antibiotics
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What is Pro-Daily?

Are you looking for a daily probiotic to support your gut health? Then look no further! Pro-Daily provides bacillus coagulans, one of nature’s toughest strains, which is not only resilient against stomach acid but can also survive high temperatures, so there is no need for refrigeration. This makes it an ideal probiotic to pack when travelling or to easily fit into your daily routine. This convenient probiotic formula also contains FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which provide a specific food source for your friendly bacteria, encouraging their growth. A balanced gut flora has been shown to support immune defences, decrease harmful bacteria and promote optimal gut function.