Rebecca Donaghue

Integrative Energy Healing, Counseling and Spiritual Guidance

Treatment Costs and time:

Individual sessions are £60 for 60 minutes


Energy Healing: Barbara Brennan Healing Science Diploma, 2008
Counselling: Certificates in Pre and Peri-Natal Regression 1999, Psychosynthesis1998, Counselling Skills 1997.
Teaching: Diplomas in Montessori Nursery Foundation, 2000; Hatha Yoga 2014 (British School of Yoga).
Astrology: Horary and Medical Astrology Practitioner, School of Traditional Astrology 2022, 2023
Governing Body: Complementary and Natural Health Care Council




Telephone:              07587 705433


How the Intervention or therapy is applied by you

My healing work is integrative, experiential and direct; helping you to effect change in your body, relationships, work, emotional life, mind and spirituality. I work with adults and children.

I specialise in providing support for:
* physical, emotional and mental crises and life shocks
* spiritual emergence
* the challenges of parenting
* pregnancy and childbirth
* recovery from illness, operations and wounds
* the dying process
* those who wish to evolve their consciousness.

Personal Information

Mum of five, Devotee of Amma Sri Karunamayi.

Governing body:

Barbara Brennan School of Healing was established in 1982 and offers a life changing four year Healing Practitioner Diploma Programme. The school teaches hands-on healing and facilitates personal transformation of students to enable them to work with an individual’s energy consciousness system to create physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Barbara’s books Hands of Light, Light Emerging and Core Light Healing are ground breaking in the study of both healing and consciousness.