Solution Focused Hypnotherapy 


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses modern, well researched strategies to create positive, lasting change, relatively quickly.  During the sessions, the therapist uses a variety of techniques, grounded in Solution Focused Practices, Neuroscience and Hypnosis to focus on what the client wants to achieve, rather than the problems that prompted them to seek support. 

The underlying principle of Solution Focused Therapies is that we all have the ability to resolve our issues, either from our existing resources and skills, or by using our own experiences to learn how to find solutions.  Changes that are made are therefore effective, lasting, and confidence building.  We do not spend time going over painful past memories, instead focusing on the developing what’s working into the future.

Hypnosis is an immensely powerful, and completely natural state.  It embeds this process in a gentle yet powerful way, and helps reduce anxiety or worry. So you leave the sessions feeling in a clearer, calmer state of mind.

Some of our practitioners offer a free consultation as an introductory session to enable you to meet and discuss the outlines of your condition and the treatment options available.

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