Creative Kinesiology

Creative Kinesiology’s unique approach lets you talk to your body’s innate wisdom and access deep healing at all levels of your being – emotional, spiritual and physical.

Through muscle-testing, focussed listening and witnessing, and by working in a co-creative partnership as client and therapist, we explore challenges and stressors to your energetic and physical being and find new ways of looking at your ‘story’. We consider your life experiences, beliefs and habitual behaviour, witness what blocks your potential and vitality, and find ways to unblock stuck energies and bring healing.

Creative Kinesiology aims to restore you to balance on all levels, enhance your sense of wellbeing, integrate the fragmented parts of you, and reconnect you with Self.

What is muscle-testing?

Muscle-testing forms the basis of all branches of kinesiology. It gives us a gentle, yet profound, way of accessing the inner knowing of your body and whole being. In Creative Kinesiology we use a light touch to test the ‘resistance’ or ‘hold’ of a muscle to check for imbalance or stress. We often test using the arms but do include other muscles in the course of a session.

The quality of response we get from a muscle allows us to check the balance of your energetic systems (such as meridians and chakras), helps us locate where there might be stress (on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level) and offers us clues which let us ‘track’ your story and witness what needs to be seen.

What to expect

We begin by talking through whatever you are bringing: this might be a sense of something ‘stuck’ or out of balance, difficult emotions, a period of low energy, or an illness or a particular symptom. From this initial conversation, we use muscle-testing to find a goal for your session. The practitioner never sets the focus themselves, but is guided by your being/body – we only follow this focus if you feel comfortable doing so.

Muscle-testing helps us witness the current state of your energetic systems and explore any ‘story’ or information that needs to be seen. We then find appropriate healing tools and techniques to allow you to transform, release or integrate the work we have completed. These could include:

  • Physical work – massaging or holding points on the body’s meridians
  • Energy balances – of the aura, chakras and other energy fields
  • Working with emotional blocks – talking, witnessing, various techniques for stress relief and transforming beliefs and behaviours
  • Other healing supports – such as crystals, essences or cards

Initial sessions are approximately 1 hour 30 mins to allow plenty of time to talk through what you’re hoping to achieve and to introduce you to muscle-testing. Follow up sessions last just over an hour.

How often should I come?

Many Creative Kinesiology clients decide to commit to regular sessions over longer periods of time – they find this gives them the space they need to work with long-standing issues, or to go deeper into particular aspects of their life path or experiences.  Some clients choose to have just a few sessions to help them during times of illness, stress or change.  Many clients continue to have occasional top-up sessions every few months to keep them functioning optimally.

We recommend an initial block of three sessions to give you time to really sense and integrate any changes in your being and in your life – although many clients report significant changes after their first session. Clients tend to come for sessions weekly, fortnightly or three-weekly depending on their circumstances and the nature of what they are working with at any given point in their Creative Kinesiology healing process.

A client’s perspective

“What I like about Creative Kinesiology is it relies on input from both therapist and client – it is an exploration that involves both parties contributing. There is no right or wrong, just enquiry, journey and interpretation. There is no pressure in answering questions as the body will respond and the path opens up.”