Soul’s Journey Process: The Eighteen Stages of Awakening

“The steps you take on your soul’s journey are not forwards into the future, but inwards into what is already present – the Infinite Awareness that is your true nature.”

What is the Soul’s Journey Process?

The Soul’s Journey Process is an entirely new system of healing and spiritual development. Based on the spiritual teachings of a group of ascended masters and master healers, this healing journey for body and soul reconnects you to the essence of who and what you are.

Using homeopathic remedies and case-taking, muscle-testing, and a wide range of energetic tools and techniques, we explore the nature of your true Self and your soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

The Soul’s Journey Process connects you directly to your higher self and its wisdom, identifying the healing needed to:

  • Balance yourself physically, mentally and on the soul level
  • Release symptoms, blocks and old belief patterns
  • Deepen your awareness of your true Self and your path
  • Open to new and subtle levels of consciousness
  • Witness and move through the causes of symptoms

The Eighteen Stages of Awakening

The Soul’s Journey Process is based around the Eighteen Stages of Awakening. These stages describe the archetypal journey of the ‘hero’ – a symbol for the soul and its path through the cycle of rebirth.

Each stage initiates us into new ways of seeing and healing, leading us from ignorance of our true nature, through to Self-realisation – the capacity to experience ourselves at the deepest level.

Using homeopathic and new crystal remedies, muscle-testing and energetic healing, we track your path through each of these eighteen stages in turn. In doing so, we witness the origin and meaning of symptoms, allowing you to uncover more and more of your true nature and potential for healing.

The power of remedies

As a homeopath, I have worked with natural remedies for years, but working with the Soul’s Journey has taught me there is another way of working with homeopathic remedies, a healing potential we have barely begun to explore – the power of a remedy to work directly on the soul level.

Within the eighteen stages of the Soul’s Journey are over 3,000 remedies either specifically chosen or created especially for this process. Their purpose is to raise consciousness and to heal all levels of your physical, energetic and spiritual being.

What happens in a session?

Using the Eighteen Stages of Awakening as our compass, we track your soul’s journey as it unfolds, step by step. Each consultation is its own journey, and we work with whatever symptoms, issues or concerns you bring.

We will work in connection with your higher self – your own internal guide and a source of wisdom – directing us to whatever healing or support is needed.

As part of a session, we draw on a wide range of healing tools and techniques, including:

  • Homeopathic case-taking and prescribing
  • Channelled and energetic healing
  • Spiritual mentoring
  • Muscle-testing (kinesiology)
  • Working with meridians and subtle energies
  • Working with crystals, cards and essences

The initial consultation lasts approximately 80-90 minutes. The focus is to get to know you as an individual: who you are, how you experience your symptoms, blocks or obstacles to healing, and what you would like get from this process. I will then prescribe a remedy for you based on what you’ve told me about yourself.

In further sessions, we will explore your soul’s journey as it unfolds, and as things come up to be witnessed or healed.

How many sessions?

Some of my clients choose to focus on a particular symptom or life issue, and often just a few sessions can help bring about the change they’re looking for. Others prefer to come regularly as part of their spiritual development and practice.

The soul’s learning is an unfolding path, revealing more and more of your true nature. It’s up to you how far you want to travel, and at what pace.

A safe supported space

Healing is a journey, and the nature of that journey (and of the spiritual path) is of getting to know yourself: your symptoms, your dreams and aspirations, the hurts and wounds that open the doorway to true healing.

The Soul’s Journey is a safe, supported space for you to explore your own path to healing. You dictate the pace and nature of each consultation, and we will not explore a path unless it feels safe and comfortable for you to do so.