Improve Your Health

Let me show you a new approach to health, and how simple changes can transform your life for the better’

Julie specialises in an extensive range of amazing hands-on, workshops and masterclasses that empower you to lead the healthiest life possible through diet and lifestyle changes. Her passion is helping others to improve their gut health, and she teaches, amongst other things how to make beautiful, simple fermented foods.

She has first-hand experience of overcoming the odds after an accident, in which she was told she might never walk again. Then nine years later being diagnosed with one of the most serious illness you can have, refusing conventional treatment apart from surgery and totally changing her diet and lifestyle.

Her clients find her engaging, friendly, exceptionally knowledgeable, non-judgmental and absolutely passionate about helping them to improve their lives.

Her workshops are usually one-to-one in her home, so you can see how easy it is to incorporate the various changes in your life.  Whether you want a radical overhaul or would prefer to take baby steps, it really doesn’t matter.  You might be recovering from an illness or just wanting to be as healthy as possible. She teaches using her own personal experience and the knowledge gained from thousands of hours studying.

Coaching is also available.

Julie has also written three books – ‘From Cancer to Clear – my eight eye openers to improve your health’ which is available from Amazon and ‘Deliciously Healthy 1 & 2 – quick and easy recipes to improve your health’, available on her website

For bookings call Julie directly on 07901 764488.