Yzabelaah Samahra-Rose

Yzabelaah draws on a wealth of trainings and life experience in offering these sessions, she is both a healing practitioner and an artist and these two threads have woven both alongside and together throughout her life in an ever-deepening symbiosis.

Fresh out of Art School in the 90’s she trained in Reiki and taught hands on healing through the lens of creativity, she went on to study Cranio-Sacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release with the Upledger Institute in both Scotland and Florida, and Shiatsu in the mountains of the Himalayas.

After a mothering break she returned to Art School here in Dartington where she dove into the world of Somatics and the wisdom of the moving body.

Throughout her life she has journeyed deeply with FeminineReclamation and Initiatory work and more recently she completed studies in Holistic Anatomy with The School of Experiential Learning. Throughout her life she has held creative and transformational space for women, she is a Performance Artist, Editor and most importantly to date, a Mother.


The Healing Journey

Our bodies are the vessels that carry us through this life, within our bones, tissues and fluids is the wisdom we need to live with ease and grace and full health. Often with the busy and full pace of our lives we neglect to listen and to follow this inner wisdom, which leads to all manner of physical, emotional and mental dis-ease.

In these one to one sessions Yzabelaah offers a deep listening space to support you in releasing blockages held within your physical, emotional and mental bodies. With your own felt experience as the compass, Yzabelaah brings her skills and knowledge to support and hold space for your unique healing journey.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle and unobtrusive form of hands on bodywork. Through her hands, Yzabelaah offers deep listening, which allows body, mind and soul to release and unwind tensions, holding patterns and trauma.

In Craniosacral therapy the practitioner is listening to the internal flow of the Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) that bathes the central nervous system and that can be felt like a tidal flow throughout the whole body. The CSF is a very fine light filled fluid that can connect us to our spiritual and watery origins. This is a deeply nourishing therapy that supports embodiment and inner calm.

Craniosacral Therapy can support the release of many aches and pains, soften emotional holding patterns and generally support healthy functioning of the whole body system.


Intuitive Bodywork for Women

As women our bodies are carriers of the feminine essence. Within our tissues, bones and blood is the wisdom we need to live

fully, and to care for life. With the busy, often disconnected and full pace of our present culture, we as women have often lost sight of ourselves as embodiments of feminine wisdom and forgotten how to listen, how to feel, and how to trust this inner knowledge.

In these individual sessions Yzabelaah brings her experience and training in Embodiment, Craniosacral therapy and process work to offer a deep and transformative space for women, where everything is welcome. These sessions support the release and expression of energies that have become blocked and held in the body, and a return to our womb centred embodiment as women and daughters of this earth.

Treatments available in Totnes and Dartington (concessions available)


CranioSacral Therapy 55 min – £50

Intuitive Bodywork for Women 55 min – £50

2 hour = £85



Call:      01803 863 787                

Email:   yzabelaah@mailfence.com

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