Claudine Hauert

Reiki Practitioner
Reconnective Healing Practitioner

Treatment Costs and time:

£35 per one hour session.


          -Reiki Level 2
          -Reconective Healing Level 3

          Telephone:           +441364631664


How the intervention or therapy is applied by the therapist:

Reconnective Healing and Reiki can through positive vibration and bringing more energy, light and information to any person, help restore a state of balance where it is needed in mind, body, spirit either individually or collectively.

As a practitioner of both Reiki and Reconnective Healing I am there as a facilitator, giving the time and space for the client to tune into and receive as much energy, light and information as they require. I do not create or direct it, the clients own innate intelligence knows what to do.

The Reconnective Healing spectrum is comprised of the full healing and evolutionary continuum of energy, light and information’’ Eric Pearl.

Reiki and Reconnective Healing can be experienced in many different ways.  Sometimes it is the deep relaxation needed that seems so evasive in the day to day rush rush. Some clients feel expanded, more vibrant, others experience a deep sense of connection to self, in some cases by having more clarity of thought clients become able to make better decisions, for others, physical shifts occur bringing about better health. To illustrate this one client who’d been brought in by her sister found the strength to leave an abusive relationship and tell her family the truth. For one man it was finding his ideal job and partner after a string of “bad luck” and for another lady the shift manifested in removing the mental blocks she’d had about conceiving. Another experience was a lady who was reminded of how joyful she felt in childhood during the healing which gave her the determination to reconnect to that way of being.

Healing can take many forms. The session last an hour.  This included a short consultation followed by the client lying down (or seating if lying down is too uncomfortable) for the healing after which a short time is allocate for the client to prepare for the rest of the day. Reconnective Healing is essentially a hands off discipline though on occasion hands on may be needed, whereas Reiki is a mixture of both though more emphasis is made on the hands on.

Both can be used for distant healing.

The difference lies in the fact that during Reconnective Healing the client can experience different registers, such as REM (rapid eye movement), those will be discussed in consultation.

The client remains fully clothed during the session with only the shoes needing to be removed before lying down on their back on the table. Being well hydrated before the appointment is recommended, as just like electricity is highly conductive a well hydrated body will absorb and conduct energy better. Arriving five to 10 minutes early and sitting quietly in the waiting area can also give the client the space to disconnect from the business of their day.

Personal information:

I grew up in a Medical and Scientific environment where no credence was given to any other healing modality, so imagine my surprise when at 20 my hands began to burn as I waited on a table. My hands kept burning every time I approached the couple’s table, by the third time I decided to ask the people if they knew what the burning meant, they invited me to attend the meditation and healing workshop they’d come to New-Zealand to do.

First, I discovered meditation and 10 years later decided to attend my first Reiki course in Brisbane Australia where I finished level 2 in the Jen Kei Do Tradition. I studied for two years Natural Spiritual Healing with the Self Realisation Centre in Christchurch New-Zealand and in 2012 discovered Reconnective Healing, which resonated strongly with how I experienced healing and began to practice in Rockhampton Australia then in Launceston Tasmania.

When living in Ireland near Claremorris I completed the Bio Energy course in 2017.

After moving to the UK I also finished Level 2 in The Usui Tradition of Reiki.

Whilst I very much enjoyed all the learning and varied ways in which those modalities approached healing, my preference is for Reconnective Healing which I have practiced since 2012.