Detox Trading Organic Mushroom Mega Blend w/ Baobab 125g




Five Mushroom Mega Blend – The ultimate blend of our 5 most popular mushroom powders

For years now we’ve been getting requests from customers to make this blend. Mushroom powders are great, but getting the spectrum of benefits that they offer means having to buy lots of different types (lions mane for cognitive function, chaga for immune support etc). With this blend, you get a wide spectrum of benefits and we’ve taken the effort to make sure that the ratios of each ingredient are perfect.

Love from Detox Trading  Chaga – wild/organic: Provides essential immune support
Love from Detox Trading  Lion’s Mane – organic: Helps to support cognitive function
Love from Detox Trading  Cordyceps Sinensis – organic: A liver and kidney tonic with a huge host of minerals
Love from Detox Trading  Turkey Tail – organic: Said to correct immune deficiencies.
Love from Detox Trading  Reishi – organic: An adaptogenic to help with mental and physical stress
Love from Detox Trading  Baobab – organic: High in vitamin C to help the body’s absorption of polysaccharides

The baobab powder is to enhance the flavour; as well as also providing the essential vitamin C needed to help the body’s absorption of polysaccharides. We have now combined all these incredible powders into one, making it easy to get your daily mushroom intake and it tastes delicious!

This mushroom powder blend acts as a wonderful tonic for the body, helping to support the immune system and overall health and wellbeing as well as helping to enhance cognitive function.

You may also enjoy our delicious Earth Hug mushroom hot chocolate.

Usage suggestion:

Add up to three teaspoons of our mushroom powder blend to your morning juice or smoothie, or just mix with some water or nut milk to make a refreshing morning drink.